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Saturday, 3 June 2023
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Media Facts

“Agile work: opportunities and problems”, the survey promoted by Cpo Fnsi is online

"Working from home: what happened in the weeks of home confinement, how life has changed in the newsrooms, how the organization has changed, how...

Advertising, Agcom: “In 2019 for the first time online collection exceeds that of TV”

"For the first time in 2019, revenues from Internet advertising exceed those from television advertising". This is what emerges from the estimate contained in...

Freelance journalists, online the platform for reporting income 2019

È disponibile nell'area dedicata del sito web dell'Inpgi la piattaforma per la comunicazione obbligatori dei redditi prodotto nel 2019 per attività libero-professionale. Sono tenuti...

RAI reform, the Leu law proposal presented: new governance with dual system

A dual system for the governance of Rai, similar to that of the Foundations, with a Supervisory Board and a Management Committee. This is...

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