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Saturday, 3 June 2023

Publishing, Martella: “Resources for the digital transition in the Recovery Fund”

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The Government picks up the ball thrown by the Fieg in recent days, with the appeal asking for a decisive intervention on digital investments for publishing and information. Andrea Martella, Undersecretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for publishing, explained this morning to Start, on Skytg24, that “one of the main development assets” of the Recovery Fund will be “that linked to digitization, to the need to bridge digital differences and increase the skills of users “. “We have also added the possibility of investing in publishing with the technological and digital transition – he added -, in digital skills and in the incentive for new subscriptions: an intervention that will bring useful resources, update and improve the digital transformation process that it concerns the information and publishing system “.

On these issues, the voice of Fieg, the Federation of Publishers, had made itself heard in recent days, which in a note from the President Andrea Riffeser Monti had raised his alarm: “Despite the commitment of all publishers and part of the Government and Parliament – the document read -, the economic situation of information remains serious. In particular, some local, small and medium-sized newspapers have registered a reduction in revenues that puts their very existence at serious risk. Paper and online information continues to play a fundamental role, guarantees reliable, verified and quality information and promotes active citizen behavior, as evidenced by the results of the awareness campaign for the use of the Immune App. However, quality publishing is suffering from an unprecedented economic crisis “. In this regard, Fieg had asked the Government, Parliament and political forces that “significant interventions aimed at encouraging investments for the digital transition” be envisaged in the financial maneuver.

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