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Publishing: La Ragione newspaper is born, on newsstands and online

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Of pro-European inspiration. At the helm Giacalone and Giuliani

On 2 June, on the occasion of the Republic Day, a new editorial initiative on newsstands and online: La Ragione – leAli alla liberty, a new national newspaper of opinion of liberal-democratic and pro-European inspiration. The newspaper, independent and not linked to any party or association – explains a note – was created to tell the Italy of the restart.

The newspaper is divided into in-depth analyzes of the main current affairs, politics and economics, without giving up on sports, cinema, music and costume contents. The articles have a limited length, for a thorough and accurate reading, but at the same time quick and immediate. There are numerous weekly in-depth columns, from sport to psychology, from the university world to work, from business to technology, to gender, social and solidarity issues.

The work is coordinated by Davide Giacalone, editorial director, and Fulvio Giuliani, managing director. The editorial staff between Rome and Milan sees Massimiliano Lenzi and Vittorio Pezzuto among the main names. Among the collaborators, Luca Ricolfi, who signs in the first issue a manifesto for Freedom of speech and against the dictatorship of the “politically correct”, Raffaele Morelli, Don Antonio Mazzi, Alfonso Celotto, Andrea Margelletti. The intention is also to offer young people the opportunity to write for the newspaper, both in print and online, receiving regular compensation.


The newspaper is published by the La Ragione cooperative; among the sponsoring members, the Stichting Social Sport foundation. The capital is open to anyone wishing to invest in the project.
In order not to burden taxpayers, it was decided not to structure itself to request public contributions. The publishing company La Ragione has also decided to support newsagents, in a particularly difficult phase, by guaranteeing them an 80% commission on the cover price of 50 cents; the remaining 20%, again as per national agreements, is reserved for the national and local distribution chain.
La Ragione is available in print and digital versions, on the web and mobile app. The newspaper is online on the website www.laragione.eu and app, and will be completely free. (HANDLE).

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