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Production is nothing without distribution

Cristina Cennamohttps://battage.info
Professional journalist, a course of studies as a psychologist and a bachelor degree in Digital Cultures and Communications, followed by a Master in E-Commerce and courses in HR Management. Freelance by aptitude, she gained over twenty years of experience from newspapers to digital publishing, as a fixer or as a reporter, while as a temporary manager she’s been coordinating teams of tens or hundreds of people in the fields of communication, media & broadcasting, pr & ceremony, web content.

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Production is nothing without distribution. A sad but true rule of publishing, even more true nowadays.

In recent years, news used to travele on board vans, while today because of digitalization process the progressive reduction of copies sold is sadly evident.

In short, the pickup truck. That’s all. But there aren’t even faxes, letters, perhaps not even recall calls that are giving way to broadcast messages.

The world changes, and communication changes with it: we can no longer concentrate alone and only on the news because we need to think about a new way of distributing, or it will be like leaving our copies inside the offices of our newspaper, our press releases on the office desks.

However, digital tools allow us to offer the news exactly to that reader who wants to read it at that moment, and this greatly changes our strategy.

What is the world of newsmaking waiting for? Nobody can say for sure, but certainly there are many issues to discuss and in this logic Battage was born, a not surprisingly online magazine that aims to tell the evolution of this sector and give space to all the professional voices that can make a useful contribution to common growth. Because, as one who understood communication, Herbert Marshall McLuhan, said, “Transforming the means through which knowledge is developed, preserved and communicated means transforming knowledge”.

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