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Rai, company: Competition for journalists will take place safely

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Strict anti-Covid19 logistical-organizational rules to guarantee the safety of the over 3,700 candidates called to take the first preselection test at the Nuova Fiera di Roma. Rai informs you in view of the competition reserved for professional journalists scheduled for Saturday 10 October in the capital. The protocols provide for the use of seven pavilions (5 plus 2 for reception) in order to maintain interpersonal distances between participants greater than those required by the current anti-coronavirus provisions. Access is provided with staggered hours in three shifts (9:00, 9:30, 10:00) and from two different entrances (East entrance and North entrance), to avoid the crowd of candidates, who must show up with a mask protective (surgical type or FFP2 without valve or FFP3 without valve or KN95 without valve). If the temperature detected is higher than 37.5, the candidate will not be allowed to enter or stay inside the New Fair of Rome and it will not be possible to take the test. People in this condition must be temporarily isolated and will be monitored by specialist staff present on site: a first aid and ambulance service will also be guaranteed until the end of the tests with the presence of medical personnel.

Once inside the Fair, candidates will be directed to the pavilion indicated in the convocation letter through established directions of travel and with a minimum distance of at least 1 meter from the other participants. Inside, hand sanitation columns and signs on health and hygiene rules will be located. Upon reaching their ‘own’ pavilion, each candidate must report to the ‘Candidate Identification Point’ (Pic), where, in fact, he will be identified and where he will deliver the self-certification form already completed. The room attendants will wear safety devices and will be shielded thanks to a plexiglass wall. At the same time as the identification phase, the candidate will be provided with a marker for exclusive use, which he will use for the test and with which, in this phase, he will sign the attendance register. The candidate will therefore be invited to sit at the indicated position. A distance of at least 2 meters will be guaranteed between the stations.

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